5 most influential social media personalities and their Tattoo

Social media is a best platform of getting earned and it is getting popular day by day. People normally starts using a social media for their personal issues and to show off their tattoos as influencers. These influencer loves to get followers and always desire to get maximum followers. Firstly a person use a social media for personal issues after a passage of time he starts a bossiness on a social media. There is a lot of work through which we get earned on a social media. Some most influential personalities of the social media are discussed below;

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world’s best football player and he refused to get tattoo why? read here. He is currently playing for a Jevantus while he is also playing in a Portugal team as a caption. As in the field of football he is the best player, he is also the best on social media. He has the maximum subscribers on youtube, 155+ millions Instagram followers as well on Facebook. The pic his newborn girl has been liked by the 13 million people that was a most liked post in the history of a social media.

  • Paul Brothers

Logan and Jake Paul are one of the most famous personalities on a social media. In 2018, Logan acted as a dead body in a Japanese ad of something. He presented himself as a dead body in film named as “Suicide Forest”. While Jake becomes a famous by using a N-word in his rapping. Together Paul brothers has more than 30 million subscriber on a youtube, more than 21 million on a twitter while round about 11 million subscriber on an instagram. The net earnings of a Paul brothers have been exceeded from 21 million dollars. Watch Logan Paul first tattoo below.

  • Beyoncé

If we talk about the instagram the most famous personality on it is a Beyoncé. She has the huge followers on instagram. More than 192 million people are following her. She is having 4 tattoos, please read her tattoos meanings here. It is not wrong to say that she is a queen of an instagram. She had posted a record breaking pics. Some of her pics crossed 11 million likes that is the maximum likes on any post of an instagram. The well-liked and well-known has probably 136 million subscribers on a youtube, 63 million subscribers on Facebook while only 11 million followers on an instagram.

  • Ariana Grande

When we are talking about the most influential social media celebrities we just can’t forget the name of an Ariana Grande. She is a very famous singer. God has gifted her a very beautiful voice. She is having 36 tattoos, read complete guide of her meanings. Everyone listen her songs and they are well-liked. She wrote the lyrics, host interviews and also sings a song. Millions of people loves her. She has more than 200 subscriber on the youtube, 130 million subscriber on a Facebook and 98 million subscriber on a twitter.

  • Donald John Trump

Donald john trump is a current president of United States of America. He is the well-known personality in the world of social media. Before his president Era he becomes famous on twitter due to his tweets on political disputes in America and the economic conditions there. He has also been arrested for 11 min for a tweet. He has about 76 million subscribers on a twitter.