Guwahati-Budding Lives Through In Vitro Fertilization

Giving birth to a human life is one of the most phenomenal experiences in the world, as described by the mothers, who often explain this whole experience as a miracle because this is certainly not everyone can do as only women are granted with this utmost miracle of life by the God. Unfortunately, there are still some women who are unable to grow a human fetus inside their bodies, due to a number of complications and reasons. The most common one nowadays is due to the Polycystic Ovarian Cancer or PCOS or simply because of the fact that their uterus lining is way too weak to carry a baby. For such families, who want to become parents, the IVF Centre Guwahati provides immediate and effective solution to their problem and need.

The IVF Center Guwahati

The Pratiksha Hospital in Guwahati is one of the best hospitals, which provide excellent services for the ones in need of the IVF treatment. They have an experience of over 25 years in this particular field, which earns them the title of one of the finest IVF Centre Guwahati. The infrastructure is right according to the needs of the modern day maternity centers, with the highly updated technologies to make things easier for the patients. For the doctors and gynecologists’ at the Pratiksha, the patient’s comfort and personal care comes first, hence, so much effort is put into the infrastructure.

The Services at the Pratiksha Hospital

The hospital specializes in providing the maternity services, especially the IVF treatment in which the egg and sperm of both the parents are infused together in a test tube to grow a baby outside the mother’s womb. This process is highly delicate and cannot be done by every other hospital; therefore, the Pratiksha has a staff of highly professional gynecologists, who are the maestros of the IVF and are always available to guide the patients, so they can choose the right direction for such an important decision of their life. The whole procedure is done with immense care and that too at an affordable rate, which brings out the unbeatable success rate. The patients’ satisfaction is the top priority of the doctors and they certainly never compromise on that. The Pratiksha is the only IVF hospital in the North East, who fully operates as per the guidelines provided and instructed by the ICMR.