How to make money from Youtube 2019

Maybe you heard a lot that being Youtuber you can make money online, but some people don’t have a clue how to make money from Youtube not to worry will explain some ways to earn money from Youtube.

As we know, Youtube has around 1billion users a month. That’s a massive amount of audience. Already many people are making money. Youtube gives about $2 -$4 in return of 1,000 views you might be thinking it’s not enough but imagines if you make 100 videos with 5000 views, you will earn 1000 $-2000$ which is a decent amount of money.

However, it not that simple because of Youtube policy you need 10,000 views on your channel to on monetization you cant earn money by Youtube ads only there are some other ways.

Create products and promote them on Youtube.

Youtube provides unbelievable ways to promote products and sales if you are creating your own product. You can create a product such as ebooks, music app, and arts.

Add your products to the shopping cart and provide the link in your video description so the viewer can buy it.

Create a Web TV series

Do you love telling stories? Youtube allows its user to create web tv series let me give you some ideas you can create your own talk show comedy series and many more, but Youtube only allow 15 minutes of video to be aware of this if you want to exceed your video so increase the limit. The other way is to grab some family friends and record your own video you never know you get a lot of views, and you have a new career to focus on.

Teach Tutorials

Youtube has a massive market of tutorials these days if you think you can teach and share your knowledge and make money from videos. Makeup videos are viral; for example, Michelle pan has 1.3 million views.

Affiliate Marketing

People are making money by promoting Amazon products what they usually do they review the product in their channel and provide the link in the video when they click it and buy the product creator make money.

Sponsored videos

Another cool way is to earn money from Youtube is to sponsored videos creator take money from company to promote their brand or product. Creator smartly represents their content, so their Youtube subscribers like it.

Create unique content

As Youtuber, if you upload exclusive content and viewers like it, you can earn money from that as well.


Can you make money on Youtube if you don’t upload unique videos?

The short answer is no because people prefer to watch a unique video every day.

Do you need Ads to make money on Youtube?

According to research, Ads are the easiest and quickest way to earn money from Youtube.

Do you need Youtube Channel to make money?

Yes, it’s vital to have a Youtube channel.

Why you need 1000 views to earn money?

Unfortunately, Youtube has the policy to have 1000 views to turn on monetization.