How To Send DM On Instagram From PC


Instagram provides its direct messages option in only the mobile application version of it. But with some tools and techniques, you can use the Instagram’s DM even on your laptop and personal computers and send the direct messages to people.

Direct messages from mac and computer on Instagram

There are different techniques you can use to send DM’s using a mac system of a computer on Instagram.

  1. Using Instagram windows app

You can send direct messages to the people using instagram windows application. If you have windows 8 in your computer or using the above version OS, you can have the instrgram windows app from the appstore of Microsoft.

  • Open the Microsoft appstore on your computer and install the application from the store.
  • Once you have installed the application, open the app and complete all the login credentials.
  • You will get an application almost similar to what you have been using on your mobile.
  • There will be the DM icon on the extreme right of your screen that you can use to send direct messages to the people.

You can’t only send the text messages rather you can also send the emoticons and photos by using the DM feature of instagram.

  1. Desktop instagram application

IGDM is an application that is made for instagram direct messaging using the simple computer deskop.  This application can be used on Mac OS, linux systems and on windows.  The application is simple and easy to use and lets you send the direct messages to everyone on instagram.

  • Open the official website and download the application IGDM from it. Install the application on your computer.
  • Once after application has installed, open it and enter your login credentials of the account you already have been using.
  • Click the search icon and search for the profiles you want to send the direct messages on.
  • You can select any user and send him the direct message. By using this app for DM’s, you can also quote the received or sent message similarly you do on the Whatsapp feature for replying.

You can checkout multiple tools if you need info about instagram direct messaging that work really well.