Ways Technology Impacts The Wedding Industry And Eases The Organisational Process

  • Perry Wood
  • June 11, 2019
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Technology has made wedding planning a lot easier over the years. For brides who are juggling wedding planning with a full-time job and familial responsibilities, technological solutions can be a lifesaver.

If you’ve been wondering how you can use tech to make your wedding planning process easier, here are a few simple hacks.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become commonplace in everyday living, so why not use it for one of the most exciting days of your life? With online shopping, you can source everything from your abstract decor ideas on Amazon to your attire by perusing Bridesmaid Dresses & Wedding Dresses | Azazie. Online shopping is often cheaper than buying products in-store and offers more options.

Online shopping also plays a significant role in the gig economy. If you can’t find what you like online, visiting a site like Etsy can connect your with a creative individual who can custom-create what you want. For those looking to incorporate bespoke pieces into their wedding, online shopping can be a lifesaver.

Email Invites

Using traditional invitations can be both expensive and frustrating. First, you must consider the design and the cost of printing. Next, the cost of envelopes. Then comes the task of collecting everyone’s mailing address. Adding inserts and return postage that may never get used is another expense. Then having to track people down when they don’t RSVP is the clincher.

Email invitations have become preferable for many modern couples who champion Facebook events and group chats. Sites like Paperless Post allow you to design beautiful invitations, send them to your guests via email, and collect responses and send reminders from a central platform. All of this at a fraction of the cost while being more environmentally conscious.

Automated Seating Planner

Planning out the seating arrangements can be a major headache for a couple. Last minute RSVPs can throw a wrench in all aspects of planning. Familial relationships, such as divorced parents and dramatic uncles, can also impact who can sit where. Limited space and odd groupings can make for a very difficult planning process.

Using an automated seating planner allows busy brides to plug in the names and relationships of guests, outline the layout, and automatically assign people to seats. Then, instead of having to plan from scratch, a few button clicks can change anyone who may require an alternate spot. Tools like Table Plan and WeddingWire can help you make sure Grandma is near the front of the room and Aunt Jane is far away from Uncle Tom and his date.

Ditch the DJ

Have you heard too many horror stories about costly DJs that ruin the vibe of your reception? Now it’s easier than ever to ditch the DJ and choose your playlist. Invest in a Spotify premium account and start to piece together your ultimate wedding playlist. Use a portable speaker for your ceremony and rent some basic AV equipment for your reception. Have a trusted bridesmaid or family member in charge of making sure it’s plugged in and ready to go.

Technology makes planning easier and the cost of a wedding significantly less. The some time to research the different tech options that can help you plan the day of your dreams.