What is French roasted coffee?

There are a ton of different coffee flavors and makes and their liking and disliking depends on the taste of an individuals. Some people prefer black coffee while others might go for a mocha or a latte. Moreover, when you buy coffee online, you will also come to know that their roast and grounding also varies. One of the most popular roasts around is known as the French roast. Here, we will provide you an overview of what it is and what it may taste like.

What is the French roast?

French roast is the name that comes from the style of coffee roasting in France. It is the way how most of the French roast their coffee. The majority of its fame and popularity comes from the 19th century and nowadays you’ll see most of the dark roasted coffees being defined as the French Roast.

There are instances when you will find a French roast in more of a colorful ways, where it is labelled as the Turkish roast. However, be cautious when someone is referring to the Espresso roast or a dark roast, you may end up actually with a French roast and vice versa.

What does French roast tastes like?

If you are a person who like the dark roasted beans and the smoky sweet flavor, you are sure to love French roast. It has a thin body with a mouthfeel and you will find it pretty less acidic when you compare it with the cinnamon light and other light roast coffees.

In case that you don’t know how a French roast actually looks like, you can determine it with a few characteristics. This type of coffee is intense and bold with a touch of sweet flavor in it. The color appears to be almost burnt with a touch of smokiness in it. Moreover, it has a thin body and gives a mouthfeel when you consume it.

Do note that the taste doesn’t only come from the roast but from the beans too. Therefore, it is very important to consider the quality of the beans than relying only on the exceptional French roasting.